5 for friends 11/12/19

Quote:  “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”Henry David Thoreau
With enough years of experience this is far from rah-rah optimism, but an insight to how our minds work. The saying we become what we think about most.

Book currently reading:  Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
A couple years ago the when the book was first released I was hesitant to pick it up, despite not realizing that my favorite genre is Nonfiction with a shot of self aware humor. But, it was recently on an Audible Sale and I had a drive to Tampa I was making. It spoke to the very real and often frustrating experience of rarely ever feeling like you’re being yourself or getting to know a person very well in the initial phase of dating online.
The biggest take away I recall was how in modern friendships making plans somehow requires being your own secretary with the other person scheduling time. Essentially requiring another skill and a degree of luck for people to interact with each other in the physical world.

Article worth a read: You might not actually be middle class [Fast Company]
In this 6 minute read the author highlights how a demonstrably large percentage of Americans (70%) believe they are in the Middle Class, and how that mindset itself impacts higher earners who report do not feel financially secure in their own position. From a cultural perspective this is interesting to me.
Small Purchase: A recent purchase I can’t believe it took me so long to get for myself has been a adjustable monitor arm for my home office desk. Now I do have the link of an Amazon Basic Model that when pulling it up is certainly not the price I paid, so I would like to make a non sponsored recommendation to download Honey as an extension so you can have AI search for the most competitive price of an item. While we live in an age of 6 Sigma reduced variability, spending more for an item really doesn’t make much sense.
Lol, as an after thought the real reason for the monitor arm is because I use my Laptop or Ipad for everything, but when working on a project having a second larger screen off my desk and rotate it with a twist is likely my favorite thing I didn’t know my soul was missing.

What am I working on:  My body has taken a back burner from the open after having a sprain that lasted a few weeks, and taking care to avoid doing anything strenuous as I keep on pace with my larger made up goal: building the stamina and mental toughness to conquer a Spartan Trifecta. Specifically the longer distance races, Super and Beast.
This week going into a Charity Competition that has a lot of demand for jumping, pulling and bounding today’s metcon brings home a lot of what I plan on tuning up:

Metcon (Time)18-15-12-9-6-3
Thruster (75/55)
Power Snatch (75/55)

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