Five for Friends – 3/08

Quote: “The way I see it if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton. From the mouth of our modern American Saint, at least of the internet. This quote has been grounding and empowering me to lace up my running shoes despite the cold and apropos to the quote rainy weather this week. I promised myself that I would commit to my conditioning for the races I have signed up for after having disappointing results at the beginning of the year.

Book currently reading: Washington’s End by Jonathan Horn is a book that I find myself happy to say I finally started on, as it a modern historian’s work to divorce us from so much of the myth-making that surrounds the founding fathers. Particularly by starting the book where my elementary, secondary, collegiate education and most biographies end: Washington’s farewell address. Much like being caught in sudden rain, it was refreshing, if not a bit bracing, reading how the Founding Fathers of America were just as preoccupied with their reputation and ventures as modern politicians. In short it is a read well researched and told through not only through eyes of the father but with correspondences and accounts from his family, friends and foes filling in cherry tree sized gaps.

An article worth a read: How the brain processes emotions
When n I first started recommending articles to my friend before deciding to commit to sharing them as a blog post, reading and sharing exciting things was long before the majority of my day was dominated by constant emails, Zoom & Teams meetings. So, it has become difficult to have any article really stick in my mind as significant, but in this 2-minute read was refreshing this morning before clocking in because today marks a year of working remotely, and recognizing over the course of the year the very sparse emotional cues I can pick up from conference calls where I have to enforce corrective actions the stymied expressions people gave often did give me a great deal more pause. The full study wasn’t available and the article’s author didn’t operationally define the other important measure “wisdom”, focusing on “loneliness” so I am hopeful that the researchers expound on their criteria and findings as soon as possible, as they alluded to brain structures that are used to measure empathy.

Small Purchase: The Nutribullet Go – I admit I received no compensation for linking products or services that I find useful, and where I ended up spending $50 for this minimalist gem because I purchased it on Amazon Prime. The link provided below is significantly cheaper if purchased through the manufacture’s page. But, speed and paring down the number of decisions I have to make in the day often means paying a ‘convenience’ tax for knowing it will arrive at my doorstep.
The reason this is worth sharing is it solved a few issues I was having with my morning routine and a nutrition concern I was experiencing. After a year indoors as some kind of corporate vampire, a doctor’s visit revealed my lethargy was caused by dangerously low levels of Vitamin D. Something I had imagined was impossible for a Florida Resident. However, that kind of flawed thinking still meant I wasn’t as active and not going out until later in the evening. In comes a very small cordless and waterproof blender that I could make a single serving cup packed with high fiber fruits, leafy greens, and supplements that I could prepare, drink and clean giving me enough time to walk in my neighborhood before logging in. A small part of me remembered back in the days of fighting and managing my weight a smoothie was the light solution for mornings that revolved around studying for the first half of the day before having to be on the floor and still trying to digest a real meal.
Nutribullet Go

What am I working on:
After a year like 2020 and missing so many of my personal training and competition goal due to illness and injuries was a beating to my motivation and confidence as an athlete. Especially as I find myself coaching and motivating so many of my friends & clients who also are commited to improving their health. What comes to mind is an adage because leading by example is important, my aim is be consistent.
I have been taking more time working on movements that don’t require a high degree of mastery and just work to keep building my threshold.

2min single unders
10 KB Romanian Deadlifts
10 Russian KB Swings
10 Shoulder Passes
10 Good Mornings
10 PVC Windmills
5 Down Dog to Up Dog
5 Inch Worm to Sumo Squat
10 Cat-Cow
10 Fire Hydrants
10 World’s most significant stretch
10 Scorpions
10 Crash Victims
:30 Pigeon
Deadlift (4-4-3-3-4)
building E2MOM
3 Rounds (for time)
30 KB Swings
40 Burpees
50 Sit-Ups

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