About me

Hello, back during the magic Summer of Pokemon GO, students training with me dub me Brofessor Bulk, and the name seemed to stick. A coach, competitor, teacher, and athlete, I have used my combined training in Psychology, Strength & Conditioning, and Philosophy to create Savage Science to have space to better ponder and test the primary question: How to surpass your limits?

I can’t sit still when pondering the nature of things. And of course, you will soon notice movies, games, and anime are tremendous influences in my life. That said, I can often be found practicing Yoga, Transcendental meditation, trail running, bouldering, or training Muay Thai, JKD, & CrossFit, or trying my hand at Strongman.
The Field of research I am currently investigating is Decision Theory.

Join me as we find out what we can learn together! Plus Ultra!!

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