Achilles used: Return

The feeling that comes when returning to something that once brought you joy is a powerful one. In this case, my feelings are matched with sheepish chagrin knowing I stopped creating posts for years. Solely because a person I immensely respect (Tim Ferriss) started an email newsletter of a similar list format.
Wisdom and the drive to want to continue growing as a more consistent and coherent writer does mean getting better at the style that matches how I like to add value to my friends. With no further preamble, This is the return of My Five for Friends. A report of sorts of the books, articles, and insights that I have been consuming and would send to my friends as an email whenever finding something that made me think of them.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”- Neale Donald Walsch
This week’s 5 for friends inspired by this age-old quote that sparked the sentiment that has led me to so many misadventures. As cliche as it sounds, the only memories I can say I ever regret, stand out because “I just want to be comfortable.” drove those decisions. So it brings me back to this quote and the notion getting comfortable with uncomfortable.

Book I am currently reading: I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships by Michael S. Sorensen

A remarkably short read about a crucial part that is required when having a conversation with someone. Taking a moment to validate what they are saying; it doesn’t mean you have to agree or just parrot back what they said before answering. Suggesting to recognize why are they talking to you, many times it’s not for advice as much as needing a sounding board. It was precisely the subject I wanted to go on a deep dive with after spending a weekend in the mountains meeting with old friends with a fair amount on their minds.

Small purchase: A new (heavier duty) trunk organizer with dividers. This month I have been under the hood of several cars that were not my own to either change flat tires, brakes, oil. Opening my trunk crammed with training equipment, books, board games, tools, and hiking supplies, I knew where everything was, after a smidge of digging. But, an old fashion cleaning was in order, so others can find the boxing gloves on the left and not rummage through different party games to get to the tire iron.

Article worth sharing

Again this week has been predicated on how I’m easily influenced by my friends (there I said it). This admission is how my minds work when a friend brings up in conversation an opinion I want to know more. How this deep dive start was when my friend admitted they hate forced team-building activities. While the new acquaintance on our mountain trek loved the camaraderie and always looked at the intent leads to good outcomes. My viewpoint was more in line with this article’s suggestions if you’re going to do something stupid with your coworkers at least make sure it has meaning behind it.

<currently working on> I want to complete the Spartan Trifecta. For the last several months, I have been attending CrossFit 2 to 3 days a week. Now I still have issues with the capricious rep schemes of CrossFit in the macro, but that is for another post. To reach this goal three months ago increasing my aerobic capacity, endurance, and maintain my strength. There are a lot of paths to get to the fabled to become a great all-rounder. Training at Black Hive, while I already have a membership at a globe-o gym to reach my goal is more costly. Despite having a great deal of training knowledge, you can only go so far when you train by yourself. I need to learn how to eat the elephant. Something books, podcasts, and music can inform and share experiences of but does not teach you. I recognize as a competitor; I need coaches to show me things I’ve never attempted and other people to show that it isn’t impossible.

My hope is this brings you some value and insight as I learn to be a little more concise with my thought and work on other projects.

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