Short list from the savage scientist 7/31

A long time ago, in an age before Tim Ferriss sent out his first 5 bullet Friday, I used to email out to a few friends a synopsis  of a few articles they would find interesting for them or the field they work in. Today I realize I haven’t been drafting nearly as many of those notes. without as much feedback I was secretly seeking from the tiny population that enjoyed those emails the practice fell off and has been filled with a torrent of emails to my very verbose supervisors. I’m still tackling my ambitious weekly goals of: finishing a book a week, practicing yoga 2x, weightlifting practice, improve my writing, and scheduling one on one mentoring sessions and feel like some of these should  be shared if it can provide value to others, even if drafting an email to a handful of people isn’t the method to use and a shotgun approach serves as a replacement until I cultivate my own email list, and get better at this blogging thing.
Currently reading: (Novel) The Heir of Novron by Michael Sullivan
Most impactful article: 9 yoga poses you can do from your desk w/o looking weird by Grace Reader from
Gym: The snatch is becoming my favorite lift to refine.
Yoga insight: Starting session with Cat/Cow for a few cycles is the minimum effective dose for the perpetually desk bound to have a good physical practice.
Listening to: Pokemon Go station on Pandora has been fire!
Small Purchase: (>$100) Going snorkeling in an underground spring and visiting a botanical garden.

In the comments below please leave any thought or suggestions for new things to read or articles I should check out!

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